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Depths of Comfort is a Social and Emotional Learning program and Positive Behaviour System in one. The platform provides students with their very own individualized digital dashboard, so that students are learning and communicating about personalized SEL topics. Developed by mental health professionals, the platform uses elements of positive psychology to support and motivate students to connect to themselves, as well as their peers, helping to create emotionally safe learning environments.

Student Dashboards

Each of your students receives an individualized dashboard in which they can learn and communicate to classmates and teachers about their emotions, regulation, kindness, gratitude and empathy.

Teacher Dashboards

Teachers receive their own dashboard that allows for the ability to track the progress of their students and to follow the emotional awareness, self-advocacy plans, kind acts, gratitude practice and empathy work happening within their classroom.


The Depths of Comfort platform is designed to increase kindness, positive interactions and pro-social behaviour between students in the classroom. The platform does so using the following features:

Kindness Quests

Each week, students are presented with their very own unique Kindness Quest.

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Students have the ability to send and receive compliments with one another.

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Reporting Kindness

The opposite of tattle-taling, students report the kind acts that they’ve seen and felt from other students to their teacher.

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Kindness Captain

Each week, students are presented with their very own unique Kindness Quest.

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Depths of Comfort uses emotional awareness, communication, self-advocacy and mindfulness skills to help students to find and remain calm during difficult and uncomfortable times.

Emotional Communication

Students use a drag and drop method, giving them a voice to communicate to their teacher

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Using our 7 self-advocacy strategies, and their very own strategies, students proactively create Action Plans

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Daily Check-Ins

Students use the ‘Daily Check-In’ tool to share their current mood and identify strategies

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Connected to Self

Depths of Comfort uses personal awareness strategies to help students to develop a stronger sense of self. These strategies include: connecting to emotion, understanding patterns of comfort/stress, and practicing gratitude.

Emotional Awareness

Students connect to school activities and scenarios by categorizing these activities and scenarios

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Personal Patterns

Students and teachers get a strong understanding of personal patterns of comfort, stress and distress...

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Gratitude Journals & Lists

Each day, students get brand new picture prompts to help guide their gratitude practice.

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Connected to Others

Depths of Comfort uses social awareness strategies to strengthen and increase social connections in the classroom and school.


Each week, students and teachers are provided with a fictional scenario of a struggling student.

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Star Student

Every day a new student is selected as the ‘Star Student.’

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Thank You Notes

In the gratitude section, students have the ability to send thank you notes, communicating their appreciation

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Depths of Comfort aligns with CASEL's core domains of Social and Emotional learning.

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