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Our Vision

The ‘Depths of Comfort’ platform was built around the question of - “How do we help to improve the school experience for students and teachers?” Each day, our team is working on developing tools that support student wellness, so that children are coming to school feeling socially connected and emotionally safe. We are passionate about helping students to build their personal and social connections, and in contributing to an increased sense of belonging. Our team is listening to the needs of teachers, and developing new tools, so that ‘Depths of Comfort’ can create enhanced social and emotional wellness within your school.

Depths of Comfort - Kind, Calm & Connected

Our mission is to help schools to build…

Emotionally Safe & inclusive learning environments

By promoting and celebrating kindness and empathy, we are helping to combat ongoing mean behaviour and bullying. Incorporating positive psychology tools into the platform is helping to impact and improve student mood and classroom cultures.

Social & Emotional teaching capacity

By providing teachers with a platform that is easy to use, requires very little prep time and produces instant benefits to the classroom community, we’re giving teachers the confidence to teach and celebrate SEL on a consistent basis.

Mental Health resilience in their students

By providing students with proactive tools that grow self-awareness, social connections and distress tolerance, we are helping students to build their capacity and confidence for navigating future adversity.

Prosocial Behaviour

Providing students with proactive challenges for developing kindness, empathy and inclusion allows many other students and staff, within the school community, to benefit from experiencing these acts of goodwill.

Meet The Team

Cole Levitt
Founder & CEO

Throughout his professional career as an elementary school educator and child therapist, Cole observed that when students are unable to verbally communicate their uncomfortable emotions to others, they are more likely to engage in a range of concerning behaviours.

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Jesse Ebbett
CTO & Lead Developer

Jesse is the lead developer at ‘Depths of Comfort’. He spends much of his time teaching and developing software and educational technology solutions for various businesses, schools, and tech startups.

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Dr. Kim Calder Stegemann
Research & Design

Dr. Kim Calder Stegemann is an educator, therapist, author, and researcher. She has spent her professional career helping others to make positive changes in their lives and feel better about themselves.

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Dr. Patrick Walton
Research & Design
BEd, MEd, PhD

Dr. Patrick Walton is a professor emeritus from Thompson River University as well as an adjunct professor at UBC and SFU. He has spent his career focused on the development of language and reading in kindergarten children, and works on the evaluation of the efficacy of Depths.

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Isabelle Hudson
Quality Care Co-ordinator

Dr. Victoria Handford
Research & Design
BMus, BEd, RMT, MMus, MEd, EdD

Dr. Victoria Handford is an Associate Professor in the Master of Education program at Thompson Rivers University. Tory’s career in public education spans almost 40 years.

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