Our Story

‘Depths of Comfort’ was born in a clinical counseling office, as a method of communication for children struggling to connect with their stress response. By using the analogy of the depths of a swimming pool, representing varying levels of comfort and stress, children were able to relate and communicate in a brand new way.
With the understanding that emotional connection and communication is a struggle for many children, ‘Depths of Comfort’ evolved into an interactive platform, helping thousands of elementary school students connect and communicate, and giving teachers a quick and effective method for understanding their student’s mood, emotions and comfort levels.
Teacher and student stories, about the challenges that they were facing at school, inspired the ‘Depths of Comfort’ team to add further emotional wellness tools from research in the area of positive psychology. Proactive activities around kindness, empathy and gratitude practice help to build important skills and increase positive feelings within the classroom.
Founder, former educator and child therapist, Cole Levitt, has the privilege of spending much of his time working with, and learning from children about their school experiences and emotional worlds. Cole, and the ‘Depths of Comfort’ team continue to collaborate with researchers, educators, neuroscientists, mental health professionals, Indigenous leaders and most importantly, children, in an ongoing effort to build and refine the tools necessary for increasing feelings of connection and belonging in school. In prioritizing these feelings, ‘Depths of Comfort’ is proudly helping to build ‘Kind, Calm & Connected’ classrooms.